PRAGUE 18-22 of february 2018.

Bachelorette party!

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When we stayed in El Nido we also wanted to live by the nice beach named Las Cabanas. This is a 10 minute tricycle drive away from El Nido town that cost around 150 pesos. Las Cabanas is a chill place with only a couple of restaurants and seawater that is crystal clear. Great beach to go swim and to get the best view in El Nido



The sunsets here are amazing, this view is taken from our hotel room


The Birdhouse is our favorite restaurant in El Nido, a short walk in the woods from the beach where you will get the best view in El Nido as seen below. The prices are a bit higher but you really do get what you pay for in there. Btw the place is not handicap friendly, the steps up are like this all the way and much steeper.


On the top of the restaurant, amazing view of the beautiful islands. 


No Internet!

I havent blogged in forever because Philippines officialy have the worst Internet. We are in Boracay now and will be here 4 more days before we go back to Norway. The time is running out but our trip has been so amazing. Today we did a private boat tour around Boracay to get to know the place a bit better. Btw!! The highlight of our trip was yesterday when we passed our open water dive exam! I will blog alot more when I am back home, stay tuned!

My diploma, so proud!

These photos are from Puka beach we visited today


Today we went to the beach called Nacpan, a gorgeous beach with white sand and crystal clear seawater. We booked a tricycle driver for the day, and the bumpy ride took about 40 minutes, we only got stuck in the mud once! The prices at the beach restaurants here are also alot cheaper than in El Nido town and Las Cabanas (beach)

 Philippines is definitely my favorite country to swim in so far! Tomorrow we are checking in to our new beach hotel for 3 nights, 10 minutes away from El Nido town. After that we still dont have any plans where to go, still researching but we are flying back to Cebu on the 20th. 



Private Island hopping tour

Yesterday we booked a private Island hopping tour with the company Dos Hermanos here in El Nido. We visited 5 Islands, Helicopter Island, Matinloc Shrine, Secret beach, Star beach and Hidden beach.
On the private tour you can choose when you start and how long you want to stay in each Island. We payed 5000 ph pesos (800nok) and it was totally worth it!

The guides prepared us fresh fished seafood

We love snorkeling, we saw plenty of different fish, squids and several underwater creatures.

We have officaly found water that is more clear than in Mexico!

Island hopping El Nido

Today we went island hopping here in El Nido. We swam, snorkeled, kayaked and ate seafood with the rest of the group. The weather is amazing with 29 degrees. We saw some pretty unique places today as you will see below on the photos.
Now we are both knocked out from all the sun and already in bed. More updates tomorrow!

Beach day

Today we went to the famous on land beach here in El Nido.
We took a motorized tricycle, or simply tricycle are in fact a motorbike and sidecar everyone uses here.
It took us around 10 minutes to get there, the price for a tricycle was 150 Philippine pesos, 24kroner.

We had to feed the cute dogs!!

We are very happy with the people here in Philippines, they are all so friendly and helpful! 
We are still planning our trip here, we want to explore the best beaches and Islands, but many of them are only possible to see by guided tours so that will be our plan for tomorrow. So you will see more of beautiful lagoons, beaches and snorkeling spots where we will swim and admire the corals, the colorful fauna and its hundred of fishes species!
Stay tuned!!

We are in the Philippines!!

We have officaly arrived to the Philippines that was on the top of my bucket list. We flied to El Nido with a great airline from Cebu called Airswift, everything went well during our travels and we could not be more excited! Today we are doing some on land beach tours, and the rest of the week boat tours. The time is now 7 am and soon hotel breakfast time. Btw the Internet is the worst here so I am not sure how much I am able to blog.

This is our hotel view, we are staying in a small town called El Nido in the Palawan area



We can`t believe we already have come to an end here in Sri Lanka, the time has sure flied and we had some amazing 18 days here. I bet both of us had gained 5 kilos each, probably more after eating currys for breakfast, lunch and dinner, haha! When I come back to Norway I will write more about recommendations on where to stay, eat and what do do in Sri Lanka. 

We will now continue our trip to the Philippines, but first one day in Dubai. We leave to the airport tomorrow at 6am

Stay tuned!


We have now arrived to the beach and we started in Tangalle, one of the largest city in the south of Sri Lanka. It is a centre of tourism and a popular holiday destination. Tangalle is a regionally important fishing port, situated on one of the largest bays in Sri Lanka, which is protected from the ocean by an enclosing reef. 

Sad to see all the street dogs in Sr Lanka, we want to bring them all home. 

We are stayed in this beautiful resort a few kilometers outside of the city center for one night. We wanted a bit luxury since we are backpacking for 6 weeks. If we had this high standard everyday we would not be travelling for long. 

After Tangalle we drove to Mirissa, a small town on the coast, about 1 hour and 20 min drive away. We just stayed a night so we could continue our trip.

Local guy cutting cocos from the palm trees. Btw he climbed up with just one leg!

I just love the passionfruit here, so good!

Mirissa sure have some nice sunsets! 

Today we arrived in Unawatuna, about 50 minutes from Mirissa. This town is known for its coral reef and its palm-lined beaches. We took the tuk-tuk today that is not safe at all, but an experience! If you have me on snapchat you would know what i`m talking about! Hanke93 is my username. The weather has been really bad today so we could not do much, so we have just been chilling and planning our last days in Sri Lanka. We are leaving in 3 days already!! We have barely seen the south coast but I guess that`s okey, we are not impressed by the beaches here compare to what we`ve seen in the caribbean, but we did not come to this country for the beachlife. 

Tomorrow we are leaving to Hikkaduwa, fingers crossed that the weather will be good, and if we are super lucky maybe we will spot some wild turtles on the beach. Hikkaduwa is a seaside resort town in southwestern Sri Lanka. Its known for its strong surf and beaches, including palm dotted Hikkaduwa Beach, lined with restaurants and bars. The shallow waters opposite Hikkaduwa Beach shelter the Hikkaduwa National Park, which is a coral sanctuary and home to marine turtles and exotic fish


Stay tuned!





Our last day in Ella we had to see the famous Nine Arches Bridge, we were glad we went early because it was packed of tourists just before we left. We went with a tuk tuk driver that waited for us, we would never have found the place without a driver!

Nine Arch Bridge is between Ella and Demodara station, and it is one of the engineering marvels in the early 20th century.

This bridge, which is almost 100 years old, has been built with blocks of stone and cement without any strengthening iron or concrete. The giant arches take the bridge on a curved path to link to mountains. The bridge is 24 meters high and 91 meter long

The Bridge was commissioned in 1921 under the British Government

ELLA Sri Lanka

We arrived to Ella city yesterday, the Internet is pretty bad here so that's the reason I have not posted anything yet.
We took the second class train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella for 5 kroner that lasted 2,5 hours. The train is so cool because you are able to hang out the doors and windows like the locals. 

The train ride with some great views like teafields where you see the locals pick tea. 


Today we walked up the famous Little Adams Peak here in Ella that is 1143 meters high. We tought about walking the main Adams Peak 2243 meters but we have heard that you are not guaranteed a view on top. The hike is also just steps all the way up for 2 hours and because it is low season the top and the shops are closed. So we decided to do the Little Adams Peak instead.
For people like us that are used to big hikes this mountain was super easy.
The people here told us it would take around 2 hours in total but we walked up in 20 minutes. The pathway is very easy and we would say anyone could do this hike. The view at the top is amazing! Anyone that visit Ella have to do this hike. You should walk up early to not get the rain and fog. We were lucky we just missed the rain, when it first rains here it rains!

Dinner! Sri Lankan food, yummi! We found a restaurant here called Chill cafe and they have delicous local food and great cocktails.

Local lion beer and Arrack (srilankan) drinks. Sri Lankan coconut arrack is distilled from nectar drawn from coconut flowers. 

This was our room view in Ella, watching over the famous Little Adams Peak to the left and Ella Rock on the right side. 

Tea tasting!

We are now in Nuwera Eliya, 2,5 hours from Kandy city. 1868 meters above sea level. It is a lot colder and much more humidity here that makes the good tea. The car ride was beautiful with the gorgeous huge tea plantations everywhere. 30 minutes before our destination, our driver took us to Mackwood tea plantation and museum where we got a free tour around the museum an free tea. I must say the tea are much different from here to back home, Sri Lankans like it strong with or without milk inside, I liked it best without. Just look at the scenery below how beautiful it is!

We are just staying over night here in Nuwara Eliya, tomorrow we are taking the train to Ella that has a bit more activities. Stay tuned!


We have been 2 days in Kandy, a city that lies 465 meters above sea level surrounded by mountains and jungle, 2 hours from Sigiriya. Yesterday we went to the famous botanical garden where we saw plenty of plants, trees, herbs and wild animals such as bats, monkeys and birds.

The entrance is 1500 rupees, 79 NOK.

Tomorrow we are travelling to Nuwara Eliya, a city in the tea country hills of central Sri Lanka. We booked a driver for tomorrow morning, even tough it is very famous to do the train from Kandy, but we wanted to do the train from Nuwara Eliya instead to Ella later in the trip.

The car ride takes around 2-3 hours, depends on the weather because the rain can get very heavy!

Stay tuned!


Today we went up one of the most famous mountain in Sri Lanka, The Lion Rock. King Kasypaya of Sri Lanka (473-495 CE) built his palace on the top of this rock for his new capital. In the entrance he built the rock in the shape of a lions paws, thats how it got its name, Lion Rock. 

The rock is around 200 meters high and you walk up by stairs. The walk is pretty easy, we took around 20 minutes in total walking up but it was pretty high looking down, so just a warning for you guys that are afraid of heights, I struggled a little in some places, but all the locals are very friendly and offer to help if needed.

The minus with this hike is that it cost as much as 30 dollars for the entrance, but in the end it was worth it and this was one of my top list of what I wanted to do in Lanka. 


The view over the gardens in Sigiriya seen from the top of the rock

The huge lion paws

The old pathway!! 

They have special made shelters for people to avacuate when the bees are intens or under an attack. I am glad we did not experience that.

In front you can see the Pidurangala rock we walked up our first day in Sigiriya. Read more about it here


Yesterday we went to an afternoon jeep safari named Kadulla. We got picked up at the hotel of the safari jeep at 2 pm and was  back home around 7.30 pm. The national park include 24 species of mammals, 25 species of reptiles, 26 species of fish, and 160 species of birds. We got to see several birds, a fox, monkeys, bees, wild cows and many elephants. It is good to see the animals are truly wild compare to other parks.
Price: 12000 rupees - 78 dollars for two people in a private car.
What a fantastic way to start our Sri Lankan journey!

Mountain hike

We are finally in Sigirya. We arrived around 11am, a 4 hour drive from Negombo. The driver was super nice and we payed 7000 rupees, about 360 nok for the taxi all the way. On our stop we saw many wild monkeys we fed coconuts. When we arrived in Sigirya we met the really nice house owner Palitha in our hotel (homestay) and we are the only guests here. The son in the family is a tuk-tuk driver and he drove us to Pidurangala rock. This is a famous mountain hike here with a temple and Buddha on the way up. The hike took us about 30 minutes one way and I wore a dress!! Since it is a temple and a Buddha on the way up shoulders and knees must  be  covered  but it can be  taken  off at  the  top of the rock. We started the hike at 4.30 pm so we could get a peak of the sunset on top. We were blown away with the amazing view, just look at the photos.

On the way up

The sleeping Buddha

When we got back Palitha made us fresh homemade dinner with rice, beans, sweet potatoes, mango, pumkin, coconut, lentils all prepared a special way. She only use fresh veggies and fruits from the area. If it is leftovers she feeds the dogs, cats and monkeys (Wild)
Btw just a few minutes ago we got rid of 2 frogs in the rooom, yup we litteraly live in the jungle.

Tomorrow we are planning to do a safari tour, stay tuned :)

Sri Lanka day 2

Our second day in Negombo we pretty much just slept and ate local food. I am still really jet laged, I woke up at 4 am so I have to get the rythm back.

Fed the cutest chipmunks nuts by the pool.  So cute!

We are staying in Hotel J Negombo, nice and chill hotel. We also havent spotted many tourists so it is not high season at the moment.

I would not swim in the sea in Negombo, it is sad to say it is plastic everywhere. Hope this gets better with time!

We went to a restaurant called Petit, 10 minutes walk from our hotel. Some locals reccommended it and we were very satisfied. We had coconut​ shrimps, garlic shrimps and curry chicken with rice. If you go to the more local places to eat it is super cheap!

Tomorrow morning our driver will pick us up at 7am, we are heading to Sigirya, 4 hours away by car. Can not wait to get there!

Stay tuned!

We are in Sri Lanka!

Our room view, right at the beach

We finally arrived in Sri Lanka after travelling for almost 24 hours. All the flights were on time, backpacks got here safe and we were very satisfied flying with Emirates all the way.

We are now staying in a fishing town called Negombo, about 15 minutes drive from the airport. The weather is amazing with 29 degrees and sun. We just had a delicous spicy curry dinner with shrimps and coconut for drink. We are staying here for 2 nights before we continue our trip to Sigirya.

Stay tuned!

Mountain hike in the sunset

Today we walked up our favourite mountain here in Bergen. The name of the mountain is called Ulriken and it is 643 meters above sea level. We had the best sunset as you can see on the photos. The hike takes about 45 minutes one way or less if you are in good shape. We planned to have a snack in the restaurant and take the cable car down, but both were closed!

Testing my new camera


I took this photo last night of our apartment view with my new Olympus Tough TG-5 camera. So far it looks good, I bought it for our trip that is coming up soon. The photo is added from my mobile so the quality is not as good as it originally would have been. I started packing today and I must say it is not easy to pack a backpack for a 6 week long trip!


Igr kom det nye Olympus kameraet jeg bestilte for kun 2 dager siden, levert p dren fra Japan Foto.

Kamera er noe jeg bruker mye og kommer til f masse bruk for til reisen vr om 2 ukers tid. Jeg har aldri hatt ett bra undervannskamera s jeg hper jeg blir fornyd med dette med tanke p at det blir mye sol og bading, spesielt p Filippinene. N gjelder det bare sette seg inn i innstillingene s jeg fr mest mulig kvalitet ut av bildene. 


Har dere erfaringer med dette kameraet? Tips og triks til f flotte bilder?



Som de fleste vet har det skjedd et forferdelig jordskjelv i Mexico som er det mest ddelige p over 30 r, hvor hundrevis av voksne, barn og dyr er omkommet. Det er fortsatt mennesker og dyr fanget i ruinene og de jobber p spreng for f de ut. De trenger alle bidrag de kan f, og en liten sum betyr mye. Heldigvis har familien og vre venner der borte det bra, men det er mange som ikke har det!


Rescuers, firefighters, policemen, soldiers and volunteers remove rubble and debris from a flattened building in search of survivors.A rescuer pulls a dog out of the rubble during the search for survivors in Mexico City.

Redningsteamet Topos er en tverrfaglig gruppe opplrt til hndtere nasjonale og internasjonale katastrofer som n jordskjelv. Hper dere kan sende et bidrag til disse fantastiske menneskene som er med hjelpe. 

"Topos Tlaltelolco Rescue Brigade, AC" er en ideell sivilforening som bestr av frivillige som tilbyr redningstjenester, sttte og hjelp til alle i en srbar situasjon.



As most people know, there has been a terrible earthquake in Mexico that is the most deadly in over 30 years, where hundreds of adults, children and animals have died. There are still people and animals caught in the ruins and they are working extremely hard to get them out. They need all the contributions they can get, and a small amount means a lot. Fortunately our family and friends are fine but there are many people that are not!

 Rescue team Topos is an interdisciplinary group trained to deal with national and international disasters such as earthquakes.

I really hope you can contribute to these wonderful people who help the people in need.

"Topos Tlaltelolco Rescue Brigade, AC" is an ideal civil society that consists of volunteers offering rescue services, support and assistance to all in a vulnerable situation.





Vi booket oss ferie hinndagen til drmme destinasjonene vre, Sri Lanka og Filippinene. Steike som vi gleder oss!


Vi starten ferden i Sri Lanka og skal reise rundt i landet. For bare nevne noe av det vi planlegger er det safari, fjellturer, te-farmer, en av verdens fineste togturer, masse god currymat, osv! 


Fillippinene byr selvflgelig p noen av verdens fineste strender og yer. Vi har ogs planer om reise rundt i dette landet vi nesten ikke vet noenting om! Lurer p om det kan toppe Mexico som str hyest p listen vr forelbig.


We booked our vacation the other day to our dream destinations, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. 

We start the journey in Sri Lanka and will travel around the country. What we are planning to do is safari, mountain tours, tea farms, one of the world's finest train ride, eat loads of good curry, etc.
The Philippines offers some of the world's finest beaches and islands. We also planning to travel around this country we barely know anything about! We got loads of research to do! 



We are all settled in the new apartment and we feel blessed by waking up to this amazing view everyday. Cant`t wait until the weather gets warmer so I can tan all the time and buy furniture for the balcony.


Today's hike

We went mountain hiking for almost 5 hours today in sun, snow and rain. Bergen is full of great places to hike and today we went to many places included one of the most famous mountain called Rundemanen, there was no sight at the top because of all the fog and snowstorm. Now we are all dead, hungry and cold! We will def sleep good tonight. Just digged in to a huge taco mom made us. Have a nice weekend!


Nr jeg frst skulle til Polen er jeg nesten plagt beske konsentrasjonsleiren. Det er viktig at vi vet om grusomhetene som skjedde her fra 1943 til 1945 og ikke minst minne de omkomme og overlevende. Det var veldig sterke inntrykk noe vi var forberedt p, men vre p det samme stedet alt skjedde er helt annerledes enn  som lese om det. Vi hadde en guidet tur p ca 7 timer fra Krakow hvor vi ble hentet i buss p hotellet. Det var flere steder som vi ikke tok bilder i respekt for de omkomme, som feks av gasskammeret, div rom og tonnevis med ekte menneskehr. 

Jobb vil sette deg fri er det som str p porten til inngangen, noe som ikke stemte i det hele tatt. Minst 1,1 millioner kom aldri tilbake fra denne leiren.

De dekket til mange av vinduene s andre fanger ikke kunne se all grusomheten som medfanger ble utsatt for.

Krematoriet, her ble mennesker brent levende.

Gasskammeret og Krematoriet. Her ble mennesker gasset med Zyklon - B en type insektgift. Det ble brukt over 20 tonn med dette p ett r. Det ble funnet bokser av dette som var med p bevise hva nazistene gjorde. Etter de ble gasset ble de fraktet inn til krematoriet. Tidligere var gasskammeret i kjelleren i byggene men det var enklere frakte likene nr gasskammeret var i sammme bygg og etasje som krematoriet. 

The execution wall, tusenvis av Jder, sigynere osv ble henrettet  foran denne murveggen. Jdiske flagget henger over.

Noen av ofrene levde ikke en dag engang, noen et par dager i de vrste omstendigheter. De plukket ut de som s mest sprek ut og som var egnet for arbeid. De som ikke var dette ble sendt rett til gasskammeret, spesielt eldre, barn og gravide. 

Veggene full av bilder av mennesker som ble henrettet eller dde av sult, sykdom,selvmord osv.

En grusom SS- doktor med navn Josef Mengele eksperimenterte p fangene med de mest grusomme mter. Han var spesielt opptatt av tvillinger. Han klarte flykte og levde livet videre i Argentina og dde av hjerneslag i Brasil. Han ble aldri tatt for det han gjorde. 

Eiendelene til fangene som nazistene tok ifra de. Mye ble sendt og solgt til Tyskland.

Mange av skoene til de som ble henrettet. Det var ogs tonn med menneskehr vi fikk se p museumet. Dette ble brukt til lage materiale. 

Alle skrev navnene sine p koffertene, alle eiendelene ble de fratatt. De trakk ogs ut tennene p ofrene for smelte sammen gullet og selge det videre. 

Noen av brillene til de som var fanget eller drept.

Jder ankommer fra Ungarn. 

Aske fra flere av de omkomme.

Rett utenfor leiren bodde en SS offiser med sin familie i et stort fint hus med hage der de lekte mens p andre siden ble tusenvis av mennesker drept og torturert. Denne offiseren ble til slutt fanget under frigjringen. Han ble hengt i leiren med utsikt over sitt eget hus. 

De var flere fanger som tok sitt eget liv med hoppe p de elektriske gjerdene. Var det noen som prvde rmme ble de skutt og drept.



Here are a bit more photos of attractions and restaurants we visited in Krakow.



This restaurant is called Nova Restro Bar. A restaurant with delicous food and drinks located in Kazimierz. I tasted two different shrimp dishes the times we went. They also have a really good drink called cucumber Mojito, Krakow really impressed me drinkwise!


Street art in Podgorze area.

The famous bridge called Kładka Ojca Bernatka (Footbridge).


There are hundreds of padlocks attached to the bridge. These are put there by lovers who then throw the keys into the river.

You can also see hanging sculptures


St. Joseph's Church - is a historic Roman Catholic church in Podgrze district of Krakw,

Indian is our favourite food so we could`t resist and thank god! This place was just amazing, we had Chicken curry, butter chicken and nan bread. A small restaurant called Taste of India walking distance from our hotel. If you want indian food in Krakow you have to go here. You wont regret it!

We went to this bar twice because the music was amazing (reggeaton) haha and I found a really good  gin drink with basillikum as you can see on the photo

Le Grande Mamma, an italian restaurant located in town square with delicous chilli mussels. The other dishes looked amazing. 

Town square.


In my next blogpost I will write and show you how my experience in the consetration camp was. Prepare for some disturbing photos. 



We just got back from Poland the other day after spending 5 days there, and we had an amazing time. It is both our first time visiting the country and we decided to go to Krakow because I really wanted to learn more about the history of the Jews, and the horrific things they went trough that we can not forget about. I will write more about it in my next post and my experience in Auschwitz.

We stayed in a boutique hotel named Oberża Sąsiadw, located in the Jewish ghetto that was created by the nazi germans during the war. The district of the place is called Kazimirez, a popular place of history, bars and restaurants. It is also walking distance to the city center. We couldn`t asked for a better location to stay in. Most of the buildings in Kazimierz are in their original state and condition, they keep a sertant charm and definitely makes you feel like you travelling back in time. Each and every building tells and keeps a story of a strong and resiliant group of people who fought for survival.  

The room was pretty nice, we had a balcony, big bed, nice bathroom and there were friendly people working there that helped us out if we needed something. 

Our hotel was from the 18th century.

Tanning in our hotel balcony with a polish beer. Beers and sodas are actually cheaper than water!

When you visit a new country you just have to try the traditional food. We fell in love with Pierogi and had it many times. Pierogi is also known as varenyky, are filled dumplings of Eastern European origin. They are made by wrapping pockets of unleavened dough around a savory or sweet filling and cooking them in boiling water. It is also very good fried. I think the most popular Pierogi in Krakow was the kind filled with cottage cheese and potatos. We really liked those and the ones with meat as you can see below.

We went to a great bar/restaurant called Gospoda Koko in the city center as we were recommended from locals. Our favorite Pierogis was from this place. So if you visit Krakow eat Pierogi here! They also have the same restaurant in Kazimierz.

This Pierogi is from another restaurant in the main square filled with cheese and potatos. 


We had some sunny and some rainy days in Krakow, but you can def tell the spring is on its way.

I was searching randomly on instagram of places to eat in Krakow and I saw the craziest pancake photos and we just had to go there. 

The name of the restaurant is called  Mr. Pancake.

The restaurant was so nice and they had alot of variety of pancakes, burgers, drinks and alot more. 

We had cookie, icecream, maltesers, chocolate pancakes. I could not move after, we only managed to eat half, it was way to much sugar that I had to go straight to the hotel bed.

But if you have a craving for something sweet you must go here, we do not regret it and would go back, but next time share one! 



Our favorite bar was no doubt called Krlicze Oczy, a local pub with the most amazing cocktail Lichi mojito. My favorite drink of all times!  

The bar is located in Kazimierz. They also had the most amazing apple cake  we have ever tried.

The bar has its own charm as you can see below.



Typical looking buildings.

Memorial to Jews from the Krakw Ghetto on their deportation site. Each steel chair represents 1,000 victims


Stay tuned for more about our trip in Poland, coming soon!